15. When does a member generally deactivate their membership

<p>When discussions with a matching party is going on, a member may want to deactivate their registration temporarily. To reactivate membership, please send an email to [email protected]</p>

14. How do I cancel my membership

You need to log-in first and then you can either “Remove Permanently” or “Deactivate Temporarily” your account

13. How do I improve my chances of finding the best match

By providing accurate and complete details of your profile including interests, hobbies, aspirations, goals showcasing your personality and uniqueness. You can also broaden your partner preference criteria to increase matching possibilities

12. Can I change any or all of the details of my profile once it is created

You can change every data in your profile except the date of birth. Please contact the Admin if there was an error made when entering the date of birth

11. What is a profile ID?

This ID is generated automatically for each registered member. This ID can be referred to in correspondence.

10. When is a profile not accepted

All profiles are carefully checked for data validity and completeness. If Admin finds any discrepancies the registered member will be requested to amend. Any profile with inappropriate or abusive contents or comments will be rejected immediately

9. How do I advertise in this website

Please contact the admin using the details provided in the "Contact Us" section

8. How do I contact the other party if I found a matching profile

<p>You need to express interest and wait for the other party to accept. Once they accept you will get an email notification.&nbsp; After that, one of the parties can contact other.&nbsp;</p>

7. Once I pay the membership fee, can I view all matching profiles.

After paying you need to wait up to 48 hrs for your data are verified for validity and completeness. You can view the matching profiles after receiving an email confirming your registration is accepted.

6. Can I register now and pay the membership fee later

<p>You can enter your profile information and save them first. During the promotional period you don&#39;t need to pay.&nbsp;</p>

5.. Do I need copies of horoscope charts at the time of registration

You have 3 options here:- a) upload the charts, b) provide time and city of birth, c) Give neither

4. When do I have to upload photos

Uploading photos is OPTIONAL at the time of registration. You can exchange photos privately after initial communication with other party

3. Can anyone visiting the website view my detail

<p>Only registered clients with matching profiles can view your details (except contact details) and horoscopes.&nbsp; Contact details are provided only after one party &quot;Express Interest&quot; and other party &quot;Accept&quot;..</p>

2.. Other than the membership fee are there any other fees payable?

None. No other type of fees to be paid for the full period of membership

1. How much is the annual membership fee

<p>It is only AUD50 per year. However, as a promotion, if you register before 31 August 2018 you will enjoy FREE Membership for the first 3&nbsp;Months.</p>