About Us

www.AusLankaMatrimony.com.au is a service oriented secure matrimony website to connect prospective Lanka brides and bridegrooms living in Australia. People in New Zealand, India, Sri Lanka and other parts of the world are also welcome to register and find matching marriage partners in Australia.

A key objective of the website is to maintain strict confidentiality in handling personal details of brides and grooms. Parents are able to register their children’s profiles with full confidence that their details will only be seen by other registered members with matching profiles.

There are currently numerous voluntary and non-voluntary match makers all over Australia. Since each of them has only a small pool of clients, finding a matching partner has been difficult for many Lankas in Australia. This website will help to address this issue by forming a bigger network where client details are treated with high confidentiality. This website is registered as a business in Australia and run by a family with sincere intention of helping other families.


මෙමඅන්තර්ජාලපිටුවෙහිඅරමුණඕස්ට්‍රේලියාවේසහවෙනත්රටවලජීවත්වෙනසිංහලතරුණදූපුතුන්සඳහාඅනාගතසහකරුවෙකු හෝසහකාරියකසම්බන්ධකරදීමයි.

පිටුවෙහිකළමනාකරුවන්පිටුවටසපයනතොරතුරුවලපෞද්ගලිකභාවයඉතාම  ඉහලින්ආරක්ෂාකිරීමටකැපවීසිටී. දෙමාපියන්තමන්ගේදූ දරුවන්ගේතොරතුරු

විස්වාශයෙන්යුතුවමෙහිපලකළහැකිය. එක්ලියාපදිංචිඅයෙකුගේතොරතුරුතවත්ලියාපදිංචිඅයෙකුගේ  බලාපොරොත්තු හාගැලපෙන්නේනම්පමණක්කළමනාකරුවන්



Key Features of AusLankamatrimony

  • The profiles in our database are NOT available for public viewing.
  • Only registered clients with MATCHING profiles can view other party’s details (except comntact details).
  • Contact phone and email are exchanged only after one party expressed interest and other party accepted
  • All new profiles are checked manually for data validity and completeness before accepting registration.
  • Photos are NOT essential for registering a profile. Photos can be exchanged directly between parties later.
  • If you are unable to complete the registration at once, you can still save what you have typed and finalise your registration later.
  • A small membership fee is charged to cover the costs of website development/maintenance and admin.
  • Safe and secure site.
  • Proceeds will be donated to reputable charities.


If you have any queries please contact


Ms. Angel Ram  MEd, GradDipEd, PGDipComp, Bsc

Director - AusLankaMatrimony

email:  [email protected]   

Phone :  +61 (0415) 150 483 (m) / 61-07-3162 0036

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